Donations and Dues

Berkeley Zen Center has been well supported for forty-three years by dues and donations
from our sangha, as well as by their generous and wholehearted contributions of time, energy and talent.
Members and friends may pay dues and/or make tax deductable donations here.

You may also want to consider supporting Berkeley Zen Center through planned giving.
For more information please review our Planned Giving Brochure




Do not make payments for sesshin or classes here.

Do not make payments for sesshin or classes here.

are contributions made to support BZC in meeting its annual income goal of $160,000 for essential activities. These activities include: maintaining our physical premises, paying the salaries and benefits
of our Abbot and Vice-Abbot, the salary of our Office Manager and operational costs.

THE BUILDING IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM supports higher cost projects that are a result of the aging of the structures on BZC's property. These improvements include: bringing plumbing and electricity up to code, insuring seismic safety, remodeling to meet current needs and replacing appliances for energy efficiency. Our current capital goal for the next 5 years is $20,000 per year.

build a reserve fund to cover projected salary increases for our abbots that will bring these to a level consistent with salaries of other clergy with similar positions and to provide retirement support for our abbot when it is needed.

If you are not a member and would like to become one we invite you to attend our Saturday program where you can review an application and talk to a membership committee representative.

MEMBERS of BZC are people who participate regularly and frequently in BZC activities. They may: vote in BZC elections, hold leadership positions, borrow books from the library, and receive many other benefits. The level of dues requested from a member is $40 per month, according to BZC policy. It is understood that some members may be unable to afford the standard amount. We also hope that members who can contribute more than $40 per month will do so.

FRIENDS are members who, due to distance or some other reason, cannot participate on a regular basis yet wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with BZC and receive our newsletter. We suggest Friends make a regular contribution of $30 per quarter (every three months).